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I believe resilience is the key to building mental strength and living a fulfilling life. As a mother, business leader, cancer survivor, and caregiver, resilience has helped me thrive throughout life's curveballs. My mission is to empower people to better navigate uncertainty and challenges by building their resilience and inspiring them to create their own silver linings. 

My Mission

My world was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with cancer while still recovering from a c-section for my second daughter. My maternity leave turned into a medical leave and my resilience was tested in unprecedented ways. In the years since, I’ve realized the beautiful silver linings that emerged from that dark cloud. These benefits were not just good side effects, but positive outcomes that I created through my mindset, intention, advocacy, and sense of purpose. I’ve realized these learnable skills have helped me not just endure challenges as a mother, business leader, patient, and caregiver, but also thrive from them.

This revelation inspired me to pivot my 15+ year career as an MIT and Harvard educated professional advising senior executives at Fortune 500 and private equity firms as a manager at Bain & Company and leading operational teams at startups. I now couple my professional and personal experiences to champion resilience and advocacy, and empower others to create their own silver linings - whether it be in health or relationships in their personal lives, or in how they navigate their career and lead teams in their professional lives.


Sharing insights with global communities

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Speaking Topics

I've championed the power of resilience and advocacy by sharing personal stories, academic research, and actionable insights for global communities. Get in touch to discuss partnership opportunities.

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A Champion of Resilience

Strong personal resilience is critical for coping with uncertainties, overcoming hardships, and protecting our mental health. Parul helps individuals, teams, and organizations learn how to better face challenging times and emerge from them wiser and stronger by discussing actionable steps to build resilience.

A Unique Voice for Healthcare

As a BRCA1 carrier, cancer survivor, caregiver, and former management consultant and genomics healthcare executive, Parul uniquely represents the patient voice while also speaking the language of business stakeholders. Topics range across genomics and precision medicine, women's health, cancer, patient advocacy, transparent access to quality care, caregiving, and more.

Parul's blog, "New Job. New Baby. New Cancer.", has been read across ~80 countries.

A Believer of Ikigai

Across a 15+ year corporate career, Parul has navigated transitions from management consulting to start-ups, from advisor to operating executive, from consumer tech to healthcare, from full-time to part-time, through motherhood and personal health issues, all while re-defining her own sense of identity. Topics include finding purpose, intentional living, ikigai, and how to navigate your career to pursue an authentic life.


Making an Impact


Parul brought a blend of authenticity and resonance to the Stanford opening keynote which so beautifully reflected our mission of "healing humanity through science and compassion, one patient at a time." She spoke for, and to, our patients, families and our caregivers. Thank you for continuing to inspire our work.


Board Trustee

Stanford Health Care


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