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Life leadership

Parul empowers people, teams, and organizations to thrive from change. She is recognized for her authentic storytelling, powerful frameworks, and actionable insights from leaders at Oracle, Slack, Neiman Marcus Group, Harvard, and Stanford, and is on the Forbes Coaches Council. Parul offers leadership coaching, keynotes, and interactive workshops.

Speaking Topics
All topics are available as keynotes, interactive keynotes, or facilitated workshops for in-person or virtual events.



Thriving from Change

As individuals, teams, or organizations, our only constant is change. We are continuously navigating successes and failures, changing environments, and an evolving sense of self. Imagine the impact on your personal and professional life, or your organization's culture, wellbeing, and productivity if members learned how to better manage stress and navigate change with intention, resilience, and a growth mindset. In this powerful talk, Parul will combine her personal and professional experiences with curated science and case studies, to empower your audience with her 5-step framework for thriving from change.

You are a force and an inspiration. Your session was powerful, moving, timely, engaging, reflection-provoking, and highly relevant. I have no doubt that participants derived a great deal of value, perspective, and food for thought. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, frameworks, and profound perspective with us. I will be carrying these key takeaways with me for years to come! You are a gift!

Bekki Early
Global Wellbeing Program Manager

Parul is an articulate, courageous, and giving professional, mother, and cancer survivor with the gift of expressing what she has learned in a way that inevitably helps others in a similar situation. She distills hard lessons into invigorating life directions. She is clear-eyed about the challenges, but positive about the directions needed to deal with them. She encourages and inspires.

David Spiegel, M.D.
Associate Chair of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Director of the Center on Stress & Health
Stanford University School of Medicine

Informed through research and real-life experiences, Parul's talk with our team changed the shape of our conversations. Beyond critical topics that we discussed like building resilience and navigating uncertainty, her framing of our locus of control really resonated with the audience. We highly recommend Parul for leaders that are looking to inspire their teams and engage in these important dialogues.

Neil Shah
VP of Product & Engineering, Biz Ops

The positive feedback from the session is overwhelming - on the impact of your thoughts and your own story as an inspiration. I was unable to take the multitude of calls I was getting from around the world post your session!

Parvez Ahmad
Head of Global Solutions Marketing
Oracle Financial Services

I can’t thank you enough! Your presentation was so endearing and just what our employees needed to hear. Your courage in sharing your story and all your challenges is heartwarming! I think many felt truly connected to you and grateful to know they aren’t alone, as well as how to navigate through such trying times. You are a gift to us all.

Stephanie R. Downs
Human Resources
Iowa State University

Parul shared valuable insights and tactical solutions that were tailored to us individually. The lessons on stress and resilience were the perfect balance between personal / emotional connection and the science and studies to back it up. I wholeheartedly recommend Parul for your next team meeting or leadership summit. She is an incredible asset and we will be working with her every single year!

Michelle Ranavat
Founder & CEO

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