Speaker & executive advisor

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Aug 2021

Parul to serve as the keynote speaker presenting "The Power of Genomics" to employers.

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June 2021

Celebrating Resilience

Parul presents on "Bouncing Forward" and celebrating resilience for OFS employees.

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June 2021

The Secret to Wellbeing

Parul presents on "Resilience: The Secret to Your Wellbeing" for Bain's global employee base.

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May 2021

Building Resilience

Parul presents on resilience for an SF-based finance company's Mental Health Month event.

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May 2021

Why Mindsets Matter

Parul discusses mindset and stress with Stanford Psychologist Dr. Alia Crum.

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Mar 2021

Health Communications

Parul films course on mindset and effective communication with Stanford's Dr. Alia Crum.

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Nov 2020

Strategic Advice

Parul advises BACC on their strategic plan via the HBS Community Partners Program.

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Senreve Spotlight

Parul shares her journey for Senreve's Breast Cancer Awareness Month Spotlight.

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Parul shares how she navigated her career and life to inspire younger female leaders.

Jul 2020

Ranavat Botanics

Parul discusses health, resilience, and motherhood in an Instagram Live for Ranavat Botanics.

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May 2020

Bain & Company

Parul presents the Mental Health Month Finale for Bain Bay Area's Wellness Speaker Series.


Harvard Club of SF

Parul advises fellow Harvard alumni on how to "Build Resilience in Uncertain Times."

Feb 2020

World Economic Forum

Parul shares the value of genetic testing at the WEF's Global Precision Medicine Initiative.

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Nov 2019

ICC Health Hero

The Indian Community Center (ICC) features Parul as a Health Hero for her work.

Parul Somani - Stanford Mindset Film
Apr 2018

Mindset [Film]

Parul shares how her mindset impacted her journey from treatment through recovery.

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July 2021

Parul presents on "5 Steps to Building Personal Resilience" for JAINA's global audience.

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June 2021

Changing Your Story

Parul co-hosts workshop on the power of reframing your mindset for Stanford.

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Jun 2021

Managing Burnout Risk

Parul leads an interactive workshop on stress & burnout w/ global managers of a public co.

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May 2021

Resilience & Mental Health

Parul presents on resilience for a Mental Health Awareness Month event for BFA Industries.

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May 2021

Executive Presence

Parul serves on panel discussing how to develop executive presence for MIT alumni.

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Jan 2021

Tips to "ACE" Caregiving

Parul films an expert video with tips to "ACE" caregiving for users of Ianacare, a platform for family caregivers.

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Living Your Ikigai

Parul presents "Living Your Ikigai" to a global community of South Asian professional women.

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American Cancer Society

Parul is featured as the "Raising Hope Honoree" for the ACS's annual Discovery Gala. 

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Brown Girl Magazine

Parul discusses health, resilience, and silver linings in an Instagram Live with BGM.

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Jun 2020

Crack the Wellness Code

Parul serves on the ICC Health Hero Panel discussing moving from corporate to wellness. 

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Sep 2017

NBGH Conference

Parul shares her story and the importance of genetic information with employers.

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July 2021

WEGO Health Nominee

Parul is a nominee for WEGO Health Awards' "Best Kept Secret" category.

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Jun 2021

Harvard Business School

Parul discusses resilience's impact on her as a patient and professional.

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Jun 2021

Managing Stress

Parul discusses hypnosis and other coping tips with Stanford Psychiatrist Dr. David Spiegel.

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May 2021

CancerTalks Podcast

Parul discusses the transformational impact cancer has had on her life.

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May 2021

What We Wish We Knew

Parul discusses lessons learned with MySurvivalStory.org Founder Martin Inderbitzin.

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Dec 2020

Power of Early Detection

Parul discusses the power of early detection and advocacy with GRAIL employees.

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Parul presents "My Patient Experience: Advocacy, Access, & Aspirations" to health leaders.

Sep 2020

"Expand" Speaker Series

Parul discusses navigating challenging times with resilience with Rinse employees.

Jul 2020

Iowa State University

ISU Wellbeing invites Parul to discuss building personal resilience with faculty and staff.

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May 2020

AMITA on Social Wellness

Parul facilitates a conversation on Social Wellness for the Association of MIT Alumnae's 120th Anniversary.


MIT Club of N. California

Parul shares "5 Steps to Building Personal Resilience" with fellow MIT alumni.