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Apr 2024

MIT Technology Review

Parul's career journey is highlighted in the MIT Technology Review's magazine

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Mar 2024

SHM Converge News

Parul is featured and introduced as the keynote speaker for the SHM Converge conference

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Jul 2023

WIL Empowered Podcast

Parul shares how she gained alignment with her purpose following loss and uncertainty

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Jan 2023

Agile Insights Videocast

Parul discusses how individuals and organizations can lead with intention

Aug 2022


Parul is invited to a Forbes community of leading business and career coaches

How I Got Hired_edited.jpg

How I Got Hired Podcast

Parul shares her unconventional career path, as well as advice and insights for others

HBS Skydeck Podcast vF_edited.jpg

Parul discusses resilience's impact on her as a patient and professional for the HBS podcast

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 9.10.35 PM.png

Parul shares how she navigated her career and life to inspire younger female leaders

Medscape Stanford Documentary - Parul Somani.png
Mar 2024

Medscape Documentary

Parul is featured in the 6-episode film, "Life After Cancer: A New Outlook on Survivorship"

Jan 2024

Modern Millennial Podcast

Parul shares her tools for making hard decisions and embracing change with intention

PowerLane Podcast.png
May 2023

PowerLane Podcast

Parul discusses the role of knowing what you're optimizing for to act with intention

Forbes Article - wide_edited.jpg
Oct 2022


Parul authors leadership article on getting unstuck and moving forward with intention

2022_05 Parul Somani - White House Interview v2_edited.jpg
May 2022

The White House

Parul is interviewed by the White House for President Biden's Cancer Moonshot Initiative

Thrive Global Article_edited.jpg

Thrive Global

Parul shares the importance of compassion and her insights on managing a cancer diagnosis

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May 2021

Parul discusses the transformational impact cancer has had on her life

parul x punita .png

Parul discusses health, resilience, and silver linings in an Instagram Live with BGM

Parul Somani - Stanford Mindset Film

Parul shares how her mindset impacted her journey from treatment through recovery

Ellevate Podcast - parul somani.png
Mar 2024

Ellevate Podcast

Parul's is featured as a “woman changing the face of business” for Woman's History Month

2023_12 SEEMA Magazine - Parul Somani.png
Dec 2023

SEEMA Magazine

Parul shares insights and tools for navigating setbacks with resilience

Women CEO in Reflection - Parul Somani.png
Mar 2023

CEO in Reflection Podcast

Parul gets candid about identity crises, self-doubt, and grief in this podcast for women CEOs

2022_10 BGM Cancer IG Live.png
Oct 2022

Brown Girl Magazine

Parul discusses breast cancer awareness and cultural taboos on this Instagram Live

Everyday Health Article.png

Everyday Health

Parul is featured in Everyday Health's article on "Advice to the Newly Diagnosed"

Authority Magazine Article_edited.jpg

Authority Magazine

In this interview, Parul shares her journey and advice for those newly diagnosed with cancer

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 10.56.03

Parul shares her journey for Senreve's Breast Cancer Awareness Month Spotlight



Parul discusses health, resilience, and motherhood in this Instagram Live

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