Designing silver linings

I am a healthcare executive and cancer survivor turned inspirational speaker championing health, resilience, and a positive mindset. My mission is to help improve the state of healthcare by sharing my experiences as a patient and caregiver, and inspiring others to live a healthy, thankful, and fulfilling life.


A thought partner and patient voice to healthcare organizations and an inspirational speaker to global communities. My blog, "New Job. New Baby. New Cancer.", has been read across ~80 countries.







A Unique Voice for Healthcare

As a BRCA1 carrier, cancer survivor, caregiver, and former management consultant and genomics healthcare executive, I uniquely represent the patient voice while also speaking the language of business stakeholders. Topics range across genomics and precision medicine, women's health, cancer, patient advocacy, transparent access to quality care, caregiving, and more.


Past events include:​

  • HLTH VRTL 2020 Conference

  • The American Cancer Society's Gala as their 2020 Raising Hope Honoree

  • The World Economic Forum's Global Precision Medicine Initiative Workshop

  • Stanford Health Care's New Hospital's Grand Opening Gala

  • Film and podcast interviews

A Champion of Resilience

After health and career curveballs, I've learned about the power of mindset and resilience. Topics include my personal learnings, academic research, and actionable insights on how to build personal resilience.

Past events include:

  • Employee engagement events for employers

  • Member engagement events for non-profits

  • Podcast interviews and Instagram Lives

A Believer of Ikigai

Across a 15+ year career, I've navigated transitions from management consulting to start-ups, from advisor to operating executive, from consumer tech to healthcare, from full-time to part-time, through motherhood and personal health issues, all while re-defining my own professional identity to pursue my "ikigai" or "reason for being." Topics include ikigai and how to navigate your career to pursue an authentic life.


Past events include:

  • Employee engagement events for employers

  • Member engagement events for professional networking groups

  • Interviews for leadership groups and podcasts




 I can’t thank you enough! Your presentation was so endearing and just what our employees needed to hear. Your courage in sharing your story and all your challenges is heartwarming! I think many felt truly connected to you and grateful to know they aren’t alone as well as how to navigate through such trying times. You are a gift to us all.


University Human Resources

Iowa State University


Is your company, conference, or organization seeking a motivational speaker, keynote speaker, health speaker, patient speaker, or other guest speaker on educational or inspirational topics? Contact me to discuss - we can design a speaking engagement that fits your needs.

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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.


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