When it is all finished, you will discover it was never random.


It was through dance that I first learned how to connect with an audience.

I fell in love with dancing when I was 3+ years old training in Indian classical dance, and I continued to perform for the next 30+ years.

Growing up, dancing was how I built my confidence and stage presence, and learned the joy of moving an audience through my actions.

Dancing was the personal passion I turned to to rebuild my health and strength after cancer treatment. And now, it is a love I have passed on to my daughters.



My career helped me build my professional presence in business and healthcare.

I am a business executive with ~15 years of experience in management consulting and operating roles across healthcare, consumer, and technology. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, I was Head of Global B2B and B2B2C Marketing at Color Genomics, where I presented on the importance of genetic information at numerous conferences and webinars. As VP of Growth for Weddington Way, I led the vertical integration and retail growth strategies that led to the company's acquisition by Gap Inc. As a management consultant at Bain & Company, I led teams advising Fortune 500 companies and private equity firms, and helped launch Bain's first India office. I currently serve on the advisory board for Stanford's Health Communication Initiative and Phoebe, an early stage women's mental health start-up.


I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a Minor in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Harvard Business School.



My children are the inspiration for the legacy I want to leave. 

As the mother of two young girls, motherhood to me is doing the best that I can to raise strong and confident women. I want them to love who they are. I want them to love the people in their lives. I want them to figure out what it is that they love doing and pursue it.

I want them to see their mother walking the talk. 



Facing my darkest time revealed how strong, positive, and resilient I am.

Cancer revealed who I've always been and who I want to be. A journey that, at its worst, lasted 1% of my life, transformed me forever.

I consider myself a warrior for the courage with which I faced and defeated my diagnosis, for my ongoing championing of health advocacy, and for the silver linings I created for myself and my family through that journey. And now, I am now on a mission to share my learnings with the world. 



The dots are now connecting and I have found my calling.

I've always felt alive when I'm public speaking. Since the days of student government elections and the speech and debate team, public speaking has always been a strength of mine. But now I really have something to say.

I am ready to combine my skills as a dancer and businesswoman with the inspiration I've experienced as a mother and a warrior, and channel them into this mission of building a platform to share my story and help others live a life filled with intention so that they too can create their own silver linings.



My inaugural blog post "Why I Left Corporate America to Design Silver Linings" tells the FULL story of my health and career curveballs and the specific silver linings that inspired my mission of helping others design their own.