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Mental Wellbeing: Managing mindset and stress

With the conclusion of June's National Cancer Survivors Month, we completed our 4-part series on "Mental Wellbeing: For Cancer & Beyond" sponsored by the Stanford Cancer Survivorship Program. Our discussions on the power of mindset, managing stress, and reframing our challenges apply to all aspects of our lives. The recordings of these webinars are linked below - please share with others who may be interested.

Session #1: Facing Cancer: What We Wish We Knew In this fireside chat, Dr. Lidia Schapira, Medical Director of Cancer Survivorship at Stanford Medicine and the Stanford Cancer Institute, interviews Parul Somani and Martin Inderbitzin on their experiences as patients and caregivers.

Session #2: Why Mindsets Matter Understanding mindset and how our view of stress impacts our health is key to strengthening our mental wellbeing. Join us as cancer warriors and inspirational speakers Parul Somani and Martin Inderbitzin sit down with Stanford’s Assistant Professor of Psychology, Dr. Alia Crum, to discuss the power of mindset and its role in helping us thrive even when facing hardships.

Session #3: Managing Stress: From Social Support to Hypnosis Managing stress is especially complicated in a COVID environment. Watch as cancer warriors and inspirational speakers Parul Somani and Martin Inderbitzin sit down with Stanford's Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Dr. David Spiegel, to discuss the power of hypnosis and social support in helping people cope with stress.

Session #4: The Power of Changing Your Story What are you most struggling with regarding your experience with cancer? Join us for this interactive workshop with cancer warriors and inspirational speakers Parul Somani and Martin Inderbitzin to reflect on your cancer journey, learn how you can reframe your challenges, and discuss what you can start doing today to change your story.


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Parul Somani

Inspirational Speaker. Executive Advisor.

Parul is an inspirational speaker and executive advisor championing resilience and mental wellbeing. Combining her learnings as a business executive, patient, and caregiver, with her research into the science of resilience, Parul works with organizations to engage, educate, and empower their members to better navigate personal and professional uncertainty and challenges. She has reached thousands of people through her cancer blog that's been read in ~85 countries, films on survivorship and mindset, TV and radio segments, podcast interviews, and public speaking engagements for organizations such as the World Economic Forum and Stanford Health Care, and global employers like Bain & Company and Oracle. Previously, Parul served a 15+ year career in executive leadership roles spanning strategy, marketing, and operations in management consulting and technology start-ups. Parul holds degrees from MIT and the Harvard Business School, and resides in California with her husband and two daughters.

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Instagram: @pdsomani

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